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TroCare VerTwo

TroCare is a customised service package for maximum productivity, reliability and calculable operating costs

Warranty Extension

Throughout the duration of the TroCare standard package, you’ll automatically benefit from a full warranty, not only for the laser tube and including all other spare parts as well. For your tried and tested device, you will recieve the same terms of warranty as a new device after an examination.
Travel and Work in Case of Repair

Travel and work expenses in case of repairs will be billed at cost. However, you can either pay the calculated amount or the maximum amount according to your selected TroCare package – whichever is more affordable to you.
Software Update

Software updates to the current state of the master version purchased are carried out free of charge as required and agreed after clarification of the scope (controlling PC, firmware of the laser system, other installed software) and based on the compatibility list.
Annual Service

The mandatory annual service is performed in accordance with the equipment maintenance plan. This plan includes cleaning, adjustment of the laser and of the table, and exchange of the filters if necessary. All key components that contribute significantly to optimizing the performance of the device and achieving the best results are tested and serviced. The annual service can also be booked separately and independently from a TroCare package.
Productivity Warranty

If you ever experience a technical defect, Trotec will do everything possible to enable you to resume your operations as soon as possible. Competent engineers and developers will be at your service, supported by a rich stock of spare parts and replacement equipment.
Telephone Hotline

Call +27-11-262-1400 to reach Trotec’s Technical Support. Our competent and professional staff will be more than willing to assist and help you in resolving malfunctions quickly.

If you would like more information about TroCare, please fill in the form below and click the "Submit & Download" button. You will also receive a detailed brochure.

    The serial number of your Trotec Machine can be located either on the inside-left-hand-side of your machine or at the back of your machine on the black Trotec plate.